The Road Less Cycled
The Road Less Cycled
Nathan Rice
In a one street town called Kranskop, in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal midlands of South Africa, Philani Jaca, a hard-headed young aspiring cyclist , works a dead-end construction job. He lives under the huge shadow of his brother, a professional star soccer player. When his mother decides to get married to a local businessman. Philani is desperate to make something of himself so he steals his soon-to-be step-father’s bicycle. He begins a 300km journey to what could be a career-making bicycle race. On this epic journey he encounters many hurdles that will test his mettle . Will Philani make it on time to the cycling event that could change his life ?
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Drama
  • Country South Africa
  • Running Time 100 mins
  • Available Territories Worldwide
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